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Gallium thermometers: they can measure temperatures in the range from 30 to 2230°C. Thermometers of today are able to measure temperatures up to 1200°C.

Gallium has been used as a component in low-melting alloys for signal devices. Gallium-indium alloy melts at 16°C. It is the most low-point alloy which ever existed.

As the 3rd group which amplifies p-type conduction extremely high-pure (99.9999+ %) gallium is used widely as a dopant to dope germanium and silicon semiconductors. Intermetallic compounds of gallium and elements of the 5th group are also semiconductors. Gallium is used in glass with a high refraction coefficient; O3 - based glass is transparent for infrared waves.

Liquid gallium reflects 88% of incident light, the solid metal - just slightly less, so gallium is very useful in mirrors production, the glass surface of which may be just brushed by gallium.

Gallium is a very good moistening agent which may replace mercury in diffusion pumps.

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