Chemical elements
    Physical properties
    Chemical properties
      Gallium dichloride
      Gallium trichloride
      Gallium sesqui-oxide
      Gallium hydroxide
      Gallium sulphide
      Gallium sulphate
      Gallium ammonium alum
      Gallium Silicotungstate
      Gallium nitrate
    PDB 1cfw-2kt4

Gallium Silicotungstate

Gallium silicotungstate is very soluble in water. Three hydrates are known: the first, which has the formula 2Ga2O3.3(SiO2.12WO3).93H2O, crystallises in regular octahedra; the second has 87H2O and crystallises in rhombohedra (a:c = 1:2.6346); while the third has 60H2O and crystallises in the monoclinic (?) system (a:b:c = 0.9057:1:1.1585; β = 74°20'). The first two salts therefore correspond to those of aluminium.

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